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Professional Services Provided:

Real Pest Solutions KC is a leading provider of professional pest management and wildlife control services to homes and businesses in the Kansas City Metro area.  Real Pest Solutions is the absolute most affordable, efficient, genuine, and transparent pest management service provider in the area with no contracts required! Specializing in the quality prevention and extermination of pests in residential and commercial properties -- you can count on us for all of your pest control and management needs. We guarantee that all of our services are upheld to the highest industry standards set by our customers and price match any of our competitors. Always.

Not only are we committed to providing customers with the best services possible, but Real Pest Solutions also has never... and will never force a customer to sign a contract. Unlike our competitors, we believe that local and genuine service triumphs over mandatory contractual pest control services.


Rodents, $189.00

Eradication and prevention of rodents such as mice and rats from your home and property. Includes sealing of potential entry points, exterior bait stations, and interior traps. Includes any additional services that may be required.


Extermination, $99.00

Extermination of pests in/on your property and home. Includes removal of webs/wasp nests, exterior treatment, yard treatment, and more. Only $49.00 additional for one-time interior service. Cockroach treatments start at only $189.


Wildlife, $325.00

Professional and safe removal of any unwanted critters such as raccoons, opossums, and more from your property.  Includes exclusion service. Only $49 additional per extra removal.

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